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Shooting an average image and creating a Super image in post production

This was a photo that was average in time of day, not in location. The Grand Canyon is a sight to behold. It takes my breath away every time I've been there. Just about every picture is the same but for different angles. I try to change that premise.

When you go into your editing suite, like Lightroom, you can move the sliders to darken the image, highlight the tree and do all sorts of neat things. The result is something that is frameable and at the very least can get a five star rating in your portfolio. Obviously you have to develop a preset to remember the changes that were done to the RAW image. You can develop your own or you can go to Adobe Lightroom and get free presets that will get you started. I will be sharing my presets in future posts so that you can do your own thing.

I had a teacher once that told me to open the doors to experimentation. "It will change the way you see things". I have truly believed in that quote.

For now, keep shooting and we'll see you soon.


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